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Our Awards

This amazing whole house remodel began as a kennel addition, unfinished second floor, and restyling the exterior by adding a farmer’s porch and enlarging their deck. At first, the remodeling plans revolved around their three show dogs who came away from the project with a 12x25 foot heated addition complete with skylight, bathtub and trophy wall. The plans eventually expanded to a luxurious second floor addition, first floor and stairway improvements, and a dramatic exterior makeover that caused passers-by to stop and stare.


Impressed with the construction, the customers decided without hesitation to have Tim complete the second floor. “When I saw how it was coming, it looked so great that I couldn’t wait,” Michael says. Tim contributed many ideas to enhance the job. He reconfigured the stairway, recessed the entertainment center to gain more room and recommended products and fixtures for the master bath as well as offering design elements.


When first invited to bid on the job, Tim made an impact on the customers. He returned their calls, found out what they were interested in, and even though his quote was a little higher, they gave him the job without hesitation. Tim personally runs all his jobs on site and his performance is professional from the first meeting.


From the overall plan to the finish work, the remodeled house continues to delight the Teneriellos. “It exceeded our expectations,” says Laura. “On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 12,” says Michael.

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